IAF Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Introducing our new powerful air purifiers! IAF Air Purifier will get rid of air pollutants and allergens inside your house or office

Technical Specifications:

Room Size: up to 600 sq-ft
Filtration Technology: 3 Stage: Pre-filter, Activated Carbon, H13 HEPA filter
Filter Life: 3000 hours
CADR Rating: 850 CMH (m3/hr) on High
Air Changes per Hour: 5
Fan Speed: 7 speeds
Energy Consumption (on High): 85 W/hr
Constructed with: Steel & Aluminium
Dimensions: 11 x 12x 24 inches
HEPA Filter Size : (L x W x H) 305x90x610mm
Weight: 12 kgs.
Colour: ivory

IAF Air Purifier

Details About Aluminium Seperator HEPA Filters

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